Welcome to Baan Thai Restaurant

Baan Thai means Thai home or Thai house in English. It symbolizes the unique and balanced way-of-being that Thai culture embodies, and with food being its central ingredient. Baan Thai opened its doors in 2003 and has been serving up an exotic choice of real Thai cookery ever since.

Thai food is unique among the cuisines of Southeast Asia. Thailand sits at the crossroads of several cultures and trade routes and its traditional food and cooking is infused with influences from neighbouring cultures and visitors, alike. Flourishes of Chinese, Indian, Khmer and Malaysian Cuisines can all be detected, as can inflections of Persian and Arabian cooking. The result is a unique and highly sophisticated array of flavours that addresses all 5 taste senses -- sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy -- and is unmistakeably Thai.

At Baan Thai we offer genuine Thai flavours and an authentic Thai atmosphere. Our ingredients are always fresh and the quality is meticulously checked by our experienced Thai chefs. Come and visit and be delighted!